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Bill 148 – Arbitration

On April 15th, the CAAT-A division has an arbitration scheduled with William Kaplan on Bill 148 (Letter of Understanding). During the last round of bargaining, the bargaining team negotiated an agreement that was compliant with Bill 148. Despite Bill 148 being repealed by the Ford government, all the rights outlined in Bill 148, including equal work for equal pay, should be embedded in our CA.

Partial Load Registry Grievances

Some Colleges have refused to comply with the Kaplan award in regards to properly establish a registry for partial load members. Some of the issues are: not recognizing all courses taught, not providing access to the registry and bundling of course loads versus individual courses. The CEC (College Employer Council) refused to centralize the grievances and therefore individual partial load grievances will be arbitrated. St Clair College is compliant.

Cuts to Tuition, Financial Aid and the Defunding of Student Unions

Protests against Ford’s OSAP cuts and what is essentially the defunding of student unions continue. CAAT-A has been closely working with students and PSE allies at a number of protests, rallies, and press conferences. The union’s position is threefold: 1. the reduction of tuition by 10% without any additional provincial operating grant is unsustainable and will hurt program quality. 2. The attack on student financial aid will disproportionally hurt colleges and college students. It is worth noting that the top 10 post-secondary institutions in Ontario where students rely on financial aid are all colleges, with Loyalist, Centennial, and George Brown topping the list. And, 3. Making student union membership voluntary is a blatant attack on student democratic rights. The labour movement also sees this as a trial balloon by the government to test whether the public would accept the elimination of mandatory labour union dues.

Part-time Academic Organizing Drive

Council is spending untold thousands of dollars contesting names and employment status of part time Faculty who voted to unionize during a vote that took place in October, 2016. It could take many months to resolve these issues, however there is hope as the part time College support staff have successfully unionized and now have their first collective agreement.

CAAT-A Strike and Arbitration Award 2017

Faculty members across the Province were on strike for 5 weeks in order to achieve improvements to their collective agreement. Faculty were successful and the strategy by Council to have faculty accept an offer filled with concessions failed. On December 20, 2017 arbitrator William Kaplan set out the terms of a four-year contract that will govern faculty work until September 30, 2021.To read more on the award, please refer to the following link: