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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Faculty Members on Health and Safety Committee Mediaplex Michael Lovel, ext C442 David Harrison, ext MP109 John Ulakovich, ext 5858 Chatham Campus A. Belanger, ext 3804 Kimberly Smart, ext 3246 Ryan Pepper, ext 3210 South Campus Brandy Baillargeon, ext 4436 John Lein, ext 4344 Lawrence Mailloux, ext 4105 William Rawlings, ext 4071 Bob Savic, ext…


New Hires

New Hires The faculty union (Local 138) welcomes you to St Clair College. We look forward to meeting you and would like to have an opportunity to discuss the following with you: The collective agreement Article 11 – the SWF (Standard Workload Form) – your assigned workload Contact information and sign up with OPSEU Your…


Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure When members want to file a complaint, they must follow the procedures outline in article 32 of the collective agreement (see (provide a link to the page)). It is important that members follow the process within the time lines specified in article 32. In the event, the complaint escalates to a grievance, the…


All Committees

Local 138 Elections for the period of Sept 1/21 – Aug 31/23 Officers President:   Mark Colangelo Vice-President:   Ken Acton Second Vice-President:   John Lein Chief Steward:   Mike Carter Treasurer:  Bob Savic Secretary:   Michelle Groundwater Convention 2024 President (automatic) Mark Colangelo Convention Delegate Mike  Carter Convention Delegate John Lein Convention Alternate 1 Ken Acton Convention Alternate 2…