This FAQ is provided for information purposes and reflects Local 138’s current interpretation of the Collective Agreement. For an official account, please refer to our Collective Agreement, Articles 26.10 D and 26.10 E.

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What is the Partial-Load Registry?

The Registry was one of the items that we won in our 2017 strike. Every College in Ontario needs to take this into account when hiring Partial-Load faculty, beginning in Fall 2018. The Partial-Load Registry strengthens job security and seniority language for Partial-Load faculty. The Collective Agreement allows individuals to “register their interest in being employed as a partial-load employee in the following Academic year”.

What does the Partial-Load Registry do?

The Registry requires hiring managers to consider several criteria when hiring Partial-Load faculty. These criteria include your length of service, the courses you have taught, (as a Part-time, Partial-load, and Sessional contract faculty) and other eligibility criteria.

In short, how does the Registry work?

Based on Local 138’s understanding of the Collective Agreement:

  • The College must first determine a “need to hire a partial-load employee” to teach a specific course.
  • Individuals wanting to teach must be listed the Registry (see below).
  • You must have previously taught the course in the department/school that is now offering the course.  All courses taught in a Part-time, Partial-load and Sessional basis will count towards hiring priority.
  • In general, the more semesters that you have taught determines your eligibility to a specific course …. not the number of times you have taught that specific course.
  • You must currently be employed by the College as a Partial-load employee “OR” you must have been recently employed “as a partial-load employee for at least eight (8) months of service (as defined in 26.10 C within the last four (4) academic years”).
  • You must have the most service of all other Partial-Load employees who meet the above criteria.

The following YouTube video created by OPSEU Local 562 (Humber College) helps explain how service credits are calculated. (

  • The assignment of the course must not cause you to exceed 12 Teaching Contact Hours per week (the maximum for Partial-Load employees) or the maximum number of teaching contact hours you have indicated you are prepared to teach when you requested to be added to the registry.
  • “The offer of partial-load employment is conditional on the college subsequently determining there is sufficient enrolment to warrant the assignment being offered”.
  • Where the assignment of one or more courses is cancelled, the school or department shall not be required to reassign or redistribute courses.
  • Where two or more partial load employees would be entitled to be offered the course assignment, the employee with the most service will be offered the first opportunity.

How do I get on the Partial-Load Registry?

By April 30th in each year, a currently or previously employed partial-load employee must register their interest in being employed as a partial-load employee in the following academic year.

Therefore, current or former partial-load employees will need to register by April 30, 2023, if they wish to be registered for the following academic year.  (Fall 2023 and winter, spring, and summer 2024)

Registration is an annual task, and the process is managed by the college.  You must register each year.  You can register by following this link:

Information on how to register should also be included in your employment contract.

How can I confirm that my name is on the Registry?

As per the Collective Agreement, the registry is maintained by the College and not the Union.  Each year and no later than 4 weeks after the April 30th deadline, the College must provide the Union a list of names and courses (the registry), and the union will post this list on our website.

The College manages the list and still checks to ensure you’re eligible to be on the registry.  You must either be a current Partial Load Faculty Member or have 8 service month credits of partial load teaching in the past 4 years, when you send in your notification that you wish to be placed on the registry.  The College is not responsible to notify you of your eligibility.  The union recommends you check the registry once it’s posted on the union website.  If you still have questions or concerns about your registry status you should contact Human Resources.

Where can I get records of courses taught, contracts, and amount of service?

26.10 D In addition to maintaining a record of a partial-load employee’s job experience, the college shall keep a record of the courses that the employee has taught on or after December 20, 2017, in a part-time, partial-load or sessional capacity and the departments/schools where the partial-load employee has taught such courses. An employee may provide the college with evidence of courses that the employee has taught in a part-time, partial-load, or sessional capacity prior to December 20, 2017.

Ask your manager to provide this to you or contact Human Resources.

Where the school or department within a college determines that there is a need to hire a partial-load employee to teach a course that has previously been taught by that registered partial-load employee, pursuant to 26.10 D in the department/school, it shall give priority in hiring to such partial-load employee if:

  • (i) They are currently employed, or if they have previously been employed as a partial-load employee for at least eight (8) months of service as defined in 26.10 C within the last four (4) academic years, and
  • (ii) The assignment of such course will not cause the employee to exceed the maximum teaching contact hours for partial-load employees

Can the College assign courses I have priority for to Part time, Sessional or Full time faculty?

YES.  Unfortunately, the Collective Agreement states that you have priority through the registry over other Partial-loads that have less seniority for your courses.  However, the College can have a part time, sessional or a fulltime teach the courses you are registered for without breaking the Collective Agreement.

I think the College may have violated my rights. What do I do?

The first step would be for you to request (from your supervisor) any information that would permit you to determine whether your rights have been violated.

32.01  It is the mutual desire of the parties that complaints of employees be adjusted as quickly as possible and it is understood that if an employee has a complaint, the employee shall discuss it with the employee’s immediate supervisor within 20 days after the circumstances giving rise to the complaint have occurred or have come or ought reasonably to have come to the attention of the employee in order to give the immediate supervisor an opportunity of adjusting the complaint

Start by making a list of all the courses that you have ever taught in your school/department, then meet with your supervisor and request a copy of the following (feel free to copy and paste the following list into a written request):

  1. Confirmation of whether St. Clair College deems you as included on the Partial-Load Registry.
  2. Confirmation of whether you have met the minimum requirements outlined in the Collective Agreement to be eligible for priority in hiring.
  3. A record of your teaching experience, including total months of service according to Article 26.10 C.
  4. A list of all faculty who have been offered Partial-Load contracts that include any of the courses that you have previously taught in the school/department; and
  5. A list of the total service of all those faculty members.

You would need this information to determine whether your rights have been violated, and whether you are therefore able to assert those rights with a grievance.  Your supervisor must have access to this information, to apply the Collective Agreement properly, so if your supervisor is unwilling or unable to provide this information to you, please inform us at or

***This document has been created with special thanks to OPSEU Local 540 (Seneca College) and OPSEU 420 (Loyalist College) for sharing information used to create this document and to OPSEU Local 562 (Humber College) for creating the YouTube video explaining service credits.