Remember to sign your Union Card!

All Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty are covered by a collective agreement, but OPSEU membership is not automatic. Signing your membership form makes you a Member in Good Standing and ensures your eligibility for benefits such as access to provincial meetings and OPSEU training, hardship funds, and strike pay in the event of work stoppage.

Download the form here

Please complete all applicable fields on the form.

Please be sure to provide a personal/non-work email address as required by the form.

Please indicate your employment status within CAAT-A as either full-time or partial-load.

Submitting the form:

Option 1 – Print/Scan/Email

  • Open and complete the electronic form, print the form, sign in the two required spots, scan the signed document, and email to and CC the Local 138 secretary

Option 2 – Digital Signature/Email

  • If you have the ability to open and save the form in Acrobat, you can open and complete the form, use the digital signature option on the form, save it, and email the document to and CC the Local 138 secretary

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the form, please email or

Welcome to Local 138 and please feel free to reach out to any one of the executive if you have questions or concerns.  You can find the current executive here.

Wishing you all the best in your career at St. Clair College!