There are 3 designations of part time Faculty positions.

  1. Part time (PT) – a contract to teach 1-6 hours per week
  2. Partial Load – a contract to teach 7-12 hours per week
  3. Sessional – a contract to teach up to 18 hours per week

Part time contracts are issued for teaching up to 6 hours per week. Part time faculty are not union members. Part time service does not count towards a roll over to a full time position.

Partial Load contracts are unionized positions and therefore PL members pay union dues. They receive entitlements such as a benefits (optional), pro-rated sick days and paid vacation days. In addition, PL members receive an hourly rate that coincides with a payment schedule found in the collective agreement. Upon completion of the PL contract, members stop paying union dues. PL members are entitled to union support while they are in the union. Partial load contracts do not count towards a roll over to a full time position.

Sessional contracts are not unionized. A Sessional contract is similar to a full time Faculty workload – teaching contact up to 18 hours per week. Since Sessional Faculty do not pay union dues – they are not entitled to pro-rated sick days, holiday pay and or benefits. The College tracks the number of sessional contracts that an individual receives so that they do not roll in to a full time position. Only Sessional contracts have the potential to roll to a full time position – part time and partial load do not count. The College monitors the sessional contract to avoid exceeding teaching 12 out of 24 months in a sessional capacity.

Part time, sessional and partial load are not entitled to preparation and evaluation time as full time Faculty members receive. They are paid an hourly wage for classroom contact – nothing more.