Part-Time/Sessional Organizing Drive

Several OLRB hearings occurred in 2018-2019, where the College Employer Council continued with its relentless delay tactics. One of the most important topics in question at these hearings concerned who belongs to the part-time academic bargaining unit. OPSEU argued that all academic duties are relevant, and thus should count towards determining an individual’s employment status. The Council argued that only teaching contact hours (TCH) should be counted. In late August 2019, the OLRB ruled in favour of Council, stating that only TCH, and not other academic ancillary duties such as coordination or curriculum development, were relevant in considering whether an individual falls within the part-time academic bargaining unit. This decision was a setback to recent arbitration decisions, such as the Parmar/St. Lawrence award, that allowed contract faculty to combine teaching and non-teaching academic work to make the case for sessional 12/24 roll overs. Nonetheless, DivEx sought a legal opinion on the implications of this OLRB decision which suggests that we still have solid ground to continue arguing for all academic work to be considered when determining an employee’s status.

Divisional Meeting Update from Jason Crowtz (Organizing Unit)

  • June 20, 2019: OPSEU received disclosure on 16 outstanding colleges that the CEC had given incomplete, inaccurate, or simply missing evidence.
  • Sept 20, 2019: After scrutinizing evidence, OPSEU submitted corrections/amendments.
  • Employer has received information; they have until Dec 20, 2019 to review OPSEU’s submission. We expect to get their stance on those 1000s of challenges.
  • Down the road: Their response needs to be scrutinized again.
  • 2 Hearing dates in May 2020 – to resolve any outstanding matters.

Other issues:

  • PT/Sessional employees who had previously received pay increases have suddenly had their pay frozen.
  • Centennial as example. College says they can’t change Terms & Conditions due to CCBA and freeze condition during organizing. But caveat says that T&C can be changed if both parties agree. OPSEU is of the position that by NOT continuing pay increases, as they have done in the past, that THAT is actually a violation of T&C.
  • If locals have received similar communication, contact Organizing.
  • Need to get info to members who signed cards. DivEx will send update to Presidents to distribute to members, post on bulletin boards, web sites, etc. Will also work with OPSEU to get info to those who signed cards and post on OPSEU web site.