In the past, students have brought forward complaints against faculty members via the Student Complaint process. Although some complaints are course related, other types of complaints include how they are being treated or spoken to in class. The College has a Respectful Work and Educational Policy in place which is enforced with a zero tolerance for offenses. Over time, some of us tend to get friendly or comfortable with a student or group of students and may interface with them as if they were one of our colleagues. Most of us agree that a relaxed environment is conducive to a positive learning environment. The problem is that when we become too relaxed, we have a tendency of saying or doing things that are misinterpreted by some students. Although some students appreciate that type of learning environment, others may use it negatively against a faculty member in a form of a complaint – perhaps when they are not doing well in a course/program. As well, sometimes faculty feel the need to embrace students – faculty should refrain from that practice. Do not touch students in any way – as an innocent touch could be misconstrued.    When students come to your office, always leave the door open and if possible arrange meetings with students when an office partner is around.  It is not recommended using Facebook and other social media on a personal basis with students. Keep all contact with students at a professional level.

So far the college has dismissed an employee, removed them from the classroom and/or placed letters of discipline in personnel files. Remember, the college no longer issues letters of counsel, most now are letters of discipline if it is going into your permanent file.