Evaluation Factor

Evaluation Factor Find the historic evaluation factor for your course here.

Holiday Social

Local 138 and Local 138 ho-ho-ho Holiday Social December 6, 2019 6:00pm SCCA Skyline B Click title for flyer.

Part-Time/Sessional Organizing Drive

Part-Time/Sessional Organizing Drive Several OLRB hearings occurred in 2018-2019, where the College Employer Council continued with its relentless delay tactics. One of the most important topics in question at these hearings concerned who belongs to the part-time academic bargaining unit. OPSEU argued that all academic duties are relevant, and thus should count towards determining an…


All part-time faculty can contribute to a CAAT-a pension. Please contact HR if you wish to contribute.

Faculty Part Time Work

There are 3 designations of part time Faculty positions. Part time (PT) – a contract to teach 1-6 hours per week Partial Load – a contract to teach 7-12 hours per week Sessional – a contract to teach up to 18 hours per week Part time contracts are issued for teaching up to 6 hours…

Part Time Unionization

The part time support staff union has successfully ratified their first collective agreement. This agreement only applies to individuals who are contracted by the College to perform support staff work. The part time faculty are not part of this agreement. During Oct 2016, OPSEU conducted a vote to unionize part time Faculty. The outcome of…

Information About Charter Challenge

We understand that many of you have concerns about the recent press release about OPSEU launching a charter challenge of the back-to-work legislation passed by the Liberals to force an end to the college faculty strike. The Divisional Executive and Bargaining Team assure you that this is a necessary challenge and one that does not…

Grievance Awards

OPSEU Grievance Awards Database Then click on “CAAT (A) Grievance Awards Database.”

Taking Ford to Court Over Broken Task Force Agreement

The Toronto Star reports that OPSEU is taking the provincial government to court after it scraped the College Task Force. The Task Force was a key part of the arbitrator’s decision last year, ending a bitter dispute between faculty members and Ontario’s 24 colleges that culminated in a record long five-week strike. “The government has…